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About the 4DeadHold

After years of research the ultimate hunting stick was developed for our tough African conditions. The 4DeadHold can be quickly and easily used in all positions for the most effective shot placement on game. With the aid of the 4DeadHold, you completely take the pressure off your body because of the 4 legs and 2 rest points front and back, and improve the overall accuracy of your shot. 

Suitable for any length person up to 2 meters, adjustable height 77cm to 177cm, weighing only 1 kg.

The most stable, lightweight and versatile hunting stick in the world, easy to carry, fully adjustable without the need to disassemble, making it the no.1 choice for all shooting positions.

Hunting Stick Features

Standing Position

From a closed position, it unfolds in a second to stack your rifle and to take aim.


Kneeling Position

No need to disassemble anymore, just unlock the flip locks and adjust the length to the desired height.


Sitting Position

The quick flip-lock system adjusts in seconds from a standing to a sitting position to preside in the field.



Excellent quality product available locally. The 4DeadHold compares favourably to established products on the market and is even an improvement in some instances. I was pleasantly surprised when I found Pieter of 4DeadHold. He has definately done his homework and improved various issues I had with other sticks. Well done. – Dries van Coller, President PHASA

IMG-20200713-WA0009 (1)
A Springbok was shot in the head from this position at 280 m with a strong cross wind with the aid of the 4DeadHold Hunting Stick.
3 consecutive shots fired at a 10cm gong on 250m with a .308 in the standing position by a women, using the 4DeadHold for the first time.


The lightweight fluted aluminum shafts is much stronger and sturdy than normal round one’s, almost double the strength, thus the risk of bending them is much lower. 

On the first day we accidentally drove over the sample Hunting stick with a 4×4 Bakkie while testing it. Guess what? No damage!


Docter Reenen Schoonbee, Medical Doctor, dedicated hunter and sport shooter, member SAHGCA.

Thank you for your valuable input to develop this 1st fully adjustable Hunting / shooting stick in the world.

Drought Relief Fund

As hunters we are suppose to give back more than what we take. 4DeadHold PTY(Ltd) will donate 10% of profit to this Fund. Now you can contribute as well. In doing so, we deal with integrity and honesty, reflecting that people are more important than money, and that our purpose is to bring credit to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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